The Top 50 NFL Players From The 2021 Season

Photo Courtesy: [Al Messerschmidt/Stringer/Getty Images]

Every year we get to bear witness to top-tier talent in the NFL. The most exciting part of every year is that everyone gets to start with a fresh slate, so we get to see some players elevate their game from the season before and truly make a statement. This is where we see which players still have it, which players have fallen off, and most importantly, which players are going to rise to the occasion. During the 2021 season, we got to see the Los Angeles Rams get crowned Super Bowl Champions, however, we also got to see players like Patrick Mahomes, Stefon Diggs, and Budda Baker have spectacular seasons and put their teams in winning positions. Scroll through this list and find out who the top 50 NFL players from the 2021 season were.