The History of Airships And Flight Balloons

Photo Courtesy: [Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group/Getty Images]

Ever since the European Renaissance, people have shown extreme interest in developing aviation technology to achieve the dream of flying thousands of feet in the air and across oceans. Starting in the 18th century, there was a rapid development in flight balloons by chemists, physicists, and other types of scientists; as they discovered new ways to successfully build flight balloons, the evolution continued, and in a few decades, people began to design and build airships, naturally followed by the development of airplanes and helicopters later as well. 

With these amazing inventions came downfalls though, for, throughout the past few decades, there have been some horrific flight balloon and airship accidents, yet all innovators could do with this was learn and develop safer technology. The history of flight balloons and airships started with youthful minds who were ready to invent, and eventually, that led to the creation of the luxurious, convenient air travel that we have today.