50 Rare Photos of The Infamous Pablo Escobar

Photo Courtesy: [Drug Lords/Netflix]

Pablo Escobar was Colombia’s most prominent drug lord who created the Medellín Cartel and earned the title of “the king of cocaine.” Escobar was notoriously ruthless regarding the operations of his cartels and didn’t care who was standing in his way. Escobar was considered the wealthiest criminal in the world during the 1980s as he smuggled millions of kilos of cocaine into the United States and South America. 

These never before seen photos of the infamous Pablo Escobar shed some light on the world’s most notorious drug lord, who was solely responsible for getting millions of Americans hooked on cocaine. Escobar was not only a drug lord but also a family man. So if you are interested in seeing these rare photos of Pablo Escobar, stick around.