50 New Year Traditions From Around the World

Photo Courtesy: [New Years celebration/Everett Collection]

The arrival of the new year has been celebrated for millennia, and people all around the world have unique styles when it comes to New Year traditions. Each culture, state, country, and continent have its own way of spreading joy and good fortune into the new year. Throughout the years, people have associated assorted colors, foods, and numbers with positive intuitions about the start of a new year. No matter where you come from, it is likely that you welcome a new year with some sort of classic tradition that has been taught to you by your friends and family. Since countless cultures have mixed over the past few centuries, some traditions have an exquisite amount of diversity that is celebrated internationally. Even though each generation and nationality celebrate differently, the common appreciation for the new year unites us all. With the countless traditions that are practiced throughout the world, come join us as we explore 50 New Year traditions from around the world!