50 Books That Were Made Into Movies or TV Shows

Photo Courtesy: [N Photo/Magazine Future/Getty Images]

Have you ever wondered where filmmakers get a large portion of their ideas? Well, you are not alone in that thought. Certain filmmakers get some of their ideas and inspiration from books dating back to the 1800s. Filmmakers and tv show producers have looked to books for quite a while now, and almost every good movie and tv show comes from a book series. Authors such as Stephen King and J.R.R. Tolkien are behind some of the greatest films produced in Hollywood. 

One of the reasons filmmakers look to books for story ideas is that books are usually full of detailed information and are the best way to ingest a story, so what better way than to make some of these books come to life. Books that have turned into films or tv shows don't always work out as it comes down to both the writers and directors. But when these films work, they end up being a masterpiece; if you are interested in finding out which books have turned into tv shows or movies, you should check out the following 50 books.